Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Get to know me....

I wish more people did these. It's fun to learn things about people...😊😊😊
▪️Favorite Smell - Vanilla, Coconut, Mango, Lily of the Valley
▪️ First Job - Working with my mom at the factory during summer
▪️Current job - Stay-at-home mom & YouTuber (yes its a job lol)
▪️Dream job- Forensic Scientist
▪️Astrological Sign - virgo
▪️Favorite Pizza- meat lovers from pizzahut with alfredo sauce instead
▪️Birthdate - 9/12
▪️Favorite dog- huskies, samoyeds, english bulldogs
▪️Favorite cat - all kinds
▪️Favorite foot attire - barefoot
▪️Favorite candy - too many to name
▪️Favorite Ice Cream- mint chocolate chip, heavenly hash, Elk crossing (president's choice and no there's no elk in it lol)
Favorite pie - pumpkin & apple crumble
▪️Favorite thing to hear - my daughter tell me she loves me
Favorite Show - Too many
▪️Color of eyes - blue-grey
▪️Favorite Holiday - Easter
▪️Nights or Day person- Night
▪️Favorite day of week- friday
▪️Tattoos- 9 1/2
▪️Like to cook - when I'm not in pain yes
▪️Beer or wine - hard liquor
▪️Can you drive a manual transmission - no
Skate backwards - no
▪️Favorite color - pink
▪️Favorite vegetable - brussel sprouts
▪️Glasses or contacts- neither
▪️Favorite season - spring and fall
Come on...
someone do this with me. Let's take a break from the negativity & learn about each other. It’s FUN! Hold finger on post, hit copy & paste to your status!
(clean version in comments)